SuperH-based fx calculators

Version 15:
fx display backlight port assignments.
New or changed fx-CG-syscalls: 0x002B.
fx-hardwaretypes overview.

Version 14:
New or changed
legacy syscalls: 0x042E, 0x18A,
Communication Protocol: AHelper
(omnimaga) successfully accessed the Protocol 7.00 with the fx-CG from USB.
fx-CG20, Protocol 7.00: AHelper (omnimaga) stated, that the names of the Get Device-Info record are not correct in every situation. A hint has been added to satisfy this.
new: eactivity-G3E-fileformat
changed: eactivity-G1E/G2E-fileformat
Some new entries in the setup-area table.

Version 13:
description of syscall 0x01a2 updated
description of syscall 0x01a6 updated
description of syscall 0x025F updated
LCD DMA hook example

Version 12:
Enhanced description of the legacy file formats (G1A, Capture, SpreadSheet, Picture, PRGM, EACT )
New or changed
legacy syscalls: 0x011F, 0x013C, 0x0150, 0x0160..0x0163, 0x028F, 0x02AB, 0x0645, 0x064A, 0x0CA7, 0x0CB0..0x0CB2, 0x0CC5, 0x0D64..0x0D67,
New or changed fx-CG-syscalls: 0x0034, 0x0035, 0x1171, 0x1172, 0x155C..0x155E, 0x1560, 0x1743, 0x175D, 0x1DB3
New topic in the start page: SDK. It includes hints how to build G1As.
Bugfixes: wrong interface: 0x0CB0, 0x0CB1, 0x0CB2. Invalid hyperlinks: OSUpdate, Update.exe.
Address of BCD-ALU

Version 11:
New or changed fx-CG-syscalls: 0x0026, 0x01EA, 0x01EB, 0x0208, 0x0264, 0x0283, 0x02A3, 0x08D0, 0x0901, 0x0909, 0x090A, 0x0937, 0x0938, 0x0C66, 0x117A..0x117C, 0x1196, 0x11AD, 0x12C6, 0x12C9, 0x12D8, 0x12D9, 0x12FC, 0x12FD, 0x1514, 0x1515, 0x17E9, 0x1802, 0x180B, 0x180E, 0x1814, 0x1815, 0x187A, 0x1882, 0x18F6..0x18F9, 0x18FF, 0x1DA6, 0x1DA9, 0x1DAB, 0x1DB4, 0x1E90, 0x1E91, 0x1EA4, 0x1EA5.

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