SuperH-based fx calculators
fx-CG20, Registers, MPU

generally it is to recommend, to use syscalls instead of directly accessing registers, if possible.

The GetDeviceInfo-function of protocol 7.00 returns RENESAS SH730501 as processor identifier.

The protocol 7.00 Get Device Info-function (01) works as expected.

HardwareIdentifier: Ly755000
ProcessorIdentifier: RENESAS SH730501
PreprogrammedROMcapacity: 00000000
FlashROMcapacity: 00032768
RAMcapacity: 00002048
OScodeversion: 01.02.0200
OScodeoffset: 00020000
OScodesize: 00012288
Protocolversion: 7.00
ProductID1: returns the individual calculator-ID

Probably it is a customized SH 7705/7720/7730/7724-clone.
The SH 7724 has been mentioned first by brijohn (
Th SH 7724 is the closest match to the 7305, though the SH 7724 obviously contains no ADC.

The serial-registers are similar to these of the 7705, but obviously not identical.

Syscall 0x1BB4 uses a TMU with the base address  0xA4490004, which is neither 7705 nor 7720.
The register structure is identical to the 7730 TMU.

Module 7305 (Prizm/GII-2) 7705 7720 7724(*5) 7730 7337 (G) 7355 (GII)  
RTC A413 FEC0 FFFF FEC0 A413 FEC0 A465 FEC0 A465 FEC0 FFFF FEC0    
DMAC FE00 8020 A400 0020 A401 0020 FE00 8020 FE00 8020 A400 0020    
ADC A461 0080 A400 0080 A44C 0000 - A461 0000 A400 0080    
TMU A449 0004 FFFF FE92 A412 FE92 FFD8 0004 FFD8 0004 FFFF FE92    
X/Y-memory (16 k)   - A5007000(8k)/A5017000(8k)     A560 0000 A560 0000  
RS-memory (16 k) FD80 0000 -   FD80 0000   -    
IL-memory (16 k) E520 0000(*2)   A500 7000/A501 7000 E520 0000 E520 0000 A560 0000    
UBC FF20 0000 FFFF FF90 A4FF FF90 FF20 0000 FF20 0000 FFFF FF90
SCIF A441 0000(*1) A441 0000 A443 8000 FFE0 0000 FFE0 0000 A441 0000    
STBCR A415 0020 FFFF FF82 A415 FF82 A415 0020 A415 0020 FFFF FF82    
MSTPCR0 A415 0030   A415 FF88 A415 0030 A415 0030      
INTEVT FF00 0028 FFFF FFD8 FFFF FFD8 FF00 0028 FF00 0028 FFFF FFD8    
PLLCR A415 0024(*3)     A415 0024 A415 0024      
FRQCR A415 0000(*4)     A415 0000 A415 0000      
PACR A4050100 A4000100 A4050100 A4050100 A4050000 A4000100    
PADR A4050120 A4000120 A4050120 A4050120 A4050080 A4000120    
EXTRA TMU A44D0000 - - - - A44C0030 A44C0030  
KEYSC A44B0000 - - A44B0000 - -    
PVR return value 10300B00     10300B00        
PRR return value 00002C00 - - 00002200   -    
IMR9 A408 00A4     A408 00A4 A408 00A4      
USB mask bit IMR9.1     IMR9.1 -      
BCD ALU A4CB0010..18         A44C0010..18 A44C0010..18  

(*1): address of the 7705, register structure of 7730.
(*2): the 7305 has at least one additional On-Chip-RAM-area: 2x8k at E5007000..E5008FFF/E5017000..E5018FFF.
(*3): address of the 7730, register structure of 7780.
(*4): address of the 7730, register structure unknown.
(*5): found by brijohn (

XXXX: compatible, different address
XXXX: identical address, incompatible
XXXX: compatible, identical address

The processor version register 0xFF000030 of the Prizm returns 0x10300B00.
According to the 7450/7451 hardware manual, appendix D, a CHIP-version code "is always "H'10" in the SH-4A".
The major version byte (VER) is 0x30.
The minor version byte (CUT) is 0x0B.
The product version register 0xFF000044 of the Prizm returns 0x00002C00.

These return values are the same with the fx-9860GII-2 processor.

The standard 7730 does not contain an USB-module!

MPU USB-base USB-clock control USB-transceiver control  
7124/7125 none      
7205 FFFF 0000      
7705 A448 0000      
7710 none      
7720 A442 0000/A442 8000 A40A 0008 A405 012C  
7724 A4D8 0000      
7727 0400 0240/0400 0400      
7730 none      
7750/7751 none      
7760 FE34 0000      

Available information about the 7305-USB-module:
Uses bit 1 of 7730-IMR09 and 7730-IMCR09 to mask the USB-interrupt (which is the documented scheme on the 7724).


Available information about the 7305-Ports:
(Hint: some of the ports are used by the system. Writing them lightheadedly may lead to a crash)

Adress (CR) Adress (DR) Special remarks direction  
A4050100 A4050120 System. Take care.    
A4050102 A4050122      
A4050104 A4050124      
A4050106 A4050126      
A4050108 A4050128      
A405010A A405012A      
A405010C A405012C      
A405010E A405012E      
A4050110 A4050130 bit 3 is connected to the serial-receive-pin
bit 2 is connected to the serial-transmit-pin
A4050112 A4050132      
A4050114 A4050134 bit 2 is connected to the serial-receive-pin I/O  
A4050116 A4050136 keyboard injector 1 control/data O  
A4050118 A4050138 bits 0..3: keyboard injector 2 control/data O  
A4050118 A4050138 bit 4: LCD enlighten I/O  
A405011A A405013A      
A405011C A405013C      
A405011E A405013E      
A4050140 A4050160      
A4050142 A4050162 bit 3 enables the serial output gate O  
A4050144 A4050164      
A4050146 A4050166      
A4050148 A4050168      
A405014A A405016A      
A405014C A405016C keyboard detector control/data I  
A405014E A405016E      
  A40501C6 keyboard    

Accessing the 3pin serial lines directly:
Always ensure, that the other pins and pin-functions of a port are never changed.
Always ensure to restore the original state of pins and pin-functions.
As long as the serial pin-functions are not restored to the original state, any attempt to communicate serially will fail.

For general aspects of programming the pin function controller (PFC) refer to the 7730-hardware manual. Though the 7305 pin functions are not compatible to those of the 7730 (as well as to any other SH-3 or SH-4 processor).
A very close match seem to be the registers of the SH 7724. Alas this is under NDA.

At first the outer gate has to be opened:
Set bit 3 of SH-7724 port U 0xA4050162 to output mode, t. i. set control register 0xA4050142 accordingly.
Set bit 3 and bit 2 of SH-7724 port U 0xA4050162. Do not ask why bit 2 has to be set, too. I do not know.

How to control the output of the serial transmit pin:
Set bit 2 of SH-7724 port J 0xA4050130 to output mode, t. i. set control register 0xA4050110 accordingly.
Set or clear bit 2 of SH-7724 port J 0xA4050130 to control the serial transmit pin state.

How to read the state of the serial receive pin:
Set bit 3 of SH-7724 port J 0xA4050130 to input mode, t. i. set control register 0xA4050110 accordingly.
Read SH-7724 port J 0xA4050130 and isolate bit 3 to obtain the serial receive pin state.

(see Insight's F17_Handler's source as reference)

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