SuperH-based fx calculators
fx-CG20, Protocol 7.00

Legacy protocol 7.00

The protocol 7.00 Get Device Info-function (01) works as expected.

HardwareIdentifier: Ly755000
ProcessorIdentifier: RENESAS SH730501
PreprogrammedROMcapacity: 00000000
FlashROMcapacity: 00032768
RAMcapacity: 00002048
OScodeversion: 01.02.0200
OScodeoffset: 00020000
OScodesize: 00012288
Protocolversion: 7.00
ProductID1: returns the individual calculator-ID

Though, Get Device-Info may return different results, depending on from where it is called. F. i. the emergency OS updater resides in the bootcode. It does not care for any data in the OS range. Hence the names assigned to the elements of the record, which is returned by  Get Device-Info, could be a bit misleading in some situations.

The protocol 7.00 Upload'n'Run-function (56) works in the upper ranges of the RAM, f. i. 0x88080000.

The RAM image transfer functions 0x2F and 0x30 don't work any more.

The flash image transfer functions 0x4F and 0x50 don't work any more.

(21.09.2012 07:35:10)