SuperH-based fx calculators
fx legacy: UpdateExe

UpdateExe.bin is the OS which is uploaded to the calculator during the first stage of the OS update process. The upload-target-address is 0x88030000. After upload, it takes over control and performs the remaining tasks of the OS update, t. i. fetch the OS from the PC and write it to the flash. These essential tasks of UpdateExe.bin are calculator-type-independent. Nevertheless the different UpdateExe.bin-implementations perform several calculator type checkups, which prevent the use of a special UpdateExe.bin with the "wrong" calculator.

It is possible to write special UpdateExe.bin with the SDK-assembler.

A UpdateExe.src has to end with
        .align 4

; file length identification block
; the updater uses this block to check for the file length
; UpdateExe.bin is  not loaded, if this block is absent
        .DATA.L h'43004100, h'53004900
        .DATA.L h'4F002000, h'43004F00, h'4D005000, h'55005400
        .DATA.L h'45005200, h'20004300, h'4F002E00, h'2C002000
        .DATA.L h'4C005400, h'44002E00, h'10034300, h'45005300
        .DATA.L h'47003500, h'30003200

On 512k RAM calculators UpdateExe.bin may be 320k max., else it is limited to 64k.

With a calculator-type-independent UpdateExe.bin it would be possible to convert a fx-9750GII into a fx-9860GII (though without backlight).


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