SuperH-based fx calculators
fx legacy CaptureFileFormat

G1M capture files have a constant length 0x0450. The picture starts at offset 0x0050.
0x10 bytes are one line. Thatís all. One has to keep track of the picture number.
Filetype in the non-inverted StandardHeader is 0x31


Offset (b) Size (b) Description
0x20 0x10 main_ID (f. i. CAPT 20)
0x30 4 MCS_SubItemCount; count of items under this main_ID
0x34 8 MCS_DIRNAME (@REV2)
0x3C 8 MCS_ITEMNAME (f. i. CAPT 20)
0x44 1 MCS_DirType (0x0A)
0x45 4 MCS_DataLength; hint: the datatype "int" fails because of bad alignment (0x404)
0x49 3 Unknown purpose (maybe 4-alignment), appears insignificant
0x4C 2 width (pixel) 0x80
0x4E 2 height (pixel) 0x40
0x50 0x400 image


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