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fx legacy: Picture format

G1M picture files are similar to capture-files. Instead they hold two bitmaps, which are overlayed when displayed in the FX-9860G (using the standard picture load). They have a constant length of 0x084C. Pictures start at offset 0x004C.
0x10 bytes are one line. Thatís all. One has to keep track of the picture number.

Specific header

Offset (b) Size (b) Description
0x20 0x10 main_ID; "PICTURE nn";  nn = 0x31 0x00...0x32 0x30 (1-20); zero padded
0x30 4 MCS_SubItemCount; usually 1
0x34 8 MCS_DIRNAME ("main"; zero padded)
0x3C 8 MCS_ITEMNAME ("PICTnn";  nn = 0x31 0x00...0x32 0x30 (1-20); zero padded)
0x44 1 MCS_DirType (0x07)
0x45 4 MCS_DataLength; hint: the datatype "int" fails because of bad alignment (0x800)
0x49 3 Unknown purpose (maybe 4-alignment), appears insignificant
0x4C 0x800 2 images


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