SuperH-based fx calculators
fx legacy Syscalls

The OSes of the fx-9860G-types contain an address table, which should provide for a calculator-independent software-development. Most of these addresses are entry-points to some function. Some of the addresses represent data-pointers, f. i. to glyph-tables.

 The calling convention to access the system calls, is to jump to 0x80010070 with the syscall number in r0:

        mov.l   syscall_number, r0
        mov.l   do_syscall, r2
        jmp     @r2
do_syscall: .long 0x80010070

The code you
jmp to will rts back to the last function call made.

The OSes of fx-9750GII and fx-7400GII do not support this concept.

With the fx-CG20 OS the calling convention to access the system calls, is to jump to 0x80020070 with the syscall number in r0. These syscall numbers are not compatible with the 0x80010070-syscall numbers!

The syscalls documented here, will refer to fx-9860-types. The syscalls of the fx-CG20 will be documented elsewhere.

Underlying code

OS v Table base No. Range
1.02 0x801517F4 0..0x1031
1.03 0x8015247C 0..0x1031
1.04 0x80152880 0..0x1032
1.05 0x80156A30 0..0x1032
1.05.1000 (AU) 0x80156A2C 0..0x1032
1.10 0x80166344 0..0x1032
1.11 0x8016A4CC 0..0x1032
2.00 0x801B0130 0..0x1032
2.00 (slim) 0x801C546C 0..0x1032
2.00 (GII) 0x801B99CC 0..0x1032
2.00 (AU) 0x801B00E0 0..0x1032

Items in the table are found by multiplying the syscall number by 4 (
shll2 r0), and adding that to the table base address (Version 1.03):

do_syscall:     ! located at 0x80010070
        mov.l   calltable_base, r2
        shll2   r0
        mov.l   @(r0,r2), r0              ! get data at offset
        jmp     @r0

.align 4
calltable_base: .long 0x8015247C

'SDK' calls are the ones you find in the SDK library with the same names.
'OS' by an SDK call probably means that its arguments are not strictly checked, and that the official SDK uses some extra code when using its functionality.

Number Name Desc updated
0x000 Name dsc  
0x001 TLB exception handler (protection)    
0x002 CPU address error handler (instruction/data)    
0x003 TLB exception handler (miss/invalid/initial page write)    
0x005 App_RegisterAddins scans available G1As and updates the addin array  
0x009 FindFreeAddinSlot    
0x00A GetAddindHeaderAddr    
0x00E App_GetAddindEstripInformation Also returns the start of the addin array  
0x013 GlibAddinAplExecutionCheck SDK  
0x014 GlibGetAddinLibInf SDK  
0x015 GlibGetOSVersionInfo SDK  
0x018 MMU_FlushCache uses the 0xA0000000-based uncached address  
0x01b DD_Clear    
0x01c Bdisp_WriteGraph_VRAM SDK  
0x01d Bdisp_WriteGraph_DD SDK  
0x01e Bdisp_WriteGraph_DDVRAM SDK  
0x022 Bdisp_ReadArea_VRAM SDK  
0x024 Bdisp_GetDisp_DD SDK  
0x025 DD_Read Reads the data line of the DD (often the next page in the DD RAM, depending on conf).  
0x026 DD_ReadFromPage Select page and return the data. SDK - renamed from DD_GET  
0x027 DD_WriteToPage Select page and write supplied data.  
0x028 Bdisp_PutDisp_DD SDK  
0x02A =0x02F    
0x02F Bdisp_DrawShapeToVRAM draws a dot, a line, a dashed line, a box or a circle to VRAM  
0x030 Bdisp_DrawLineVRAM SDK  
0x031 Bdisp_ClearLineVRAM SDK  
0x032 Bdisp_DrawShapeToDD draws a dot, a line, a dashed line, a box or a circle to DD  
0x033 Bdisp_DrawShapeToVRAM_DD draws a dot, a line, a dashed line, a box or a circle to VRAM and DD  
0x034 =0x032    
0x035 =0x033    
0x037 Wait_ms(duration) wait duration ms (uses TMU_2; max. duration=2000)  
0x039 RTC_Reset resets RTC  
0x03A RTC_GetTime reads hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds from RTC  
0x03B RTC_GetTicks reads RTC-tick-count (in 1/64 s units)  
0x03C RTC_Elapsed_ms checks, if a duration in ms has elapsed  
0x05C Num_UIntToBCD Unsigned long up to 0x1869F (99999) to BCD. Func name only a suggestion.  
0x05D Num_BCDToUInt BCD up to 99999 to unsigned long.  
0x118 Timer_Install supports SDK SetTimer  
0x119 Timer_Deinstall supports SDK KillTimer  
0x11A Timer_Start supports SDK SetTimer  
0x11B Timer_Stop supports SDK KillTimer  
0x11F Bdisp_PutDispArea_DD (possibly broken) SDK 10.06.2012
0x12D DD_Poweroff Turns off the DD.  
0x130 Wait_ms(duration) wait duration ms (uses WDT)  
0x132 DD_SetContrast    
0x133 DD_SetFRS Set the DD FRS.  
0x134 DD_SetBias Set the DD bias.  
0x135 GetVRAMAddress Returns the address of the VRAM.  
0x136 GetCharacterGlyph see datatables  
0x137 GetCharacterMiniGlyph see datatables  
0x138 Cursor_SetPosition Sets the cursor to provided column and row.  
0x139 Cursor_SetFlashStyle Sets the look/style of the flashing cursor.  
0x13A Cursor_SetFlashMode Configures the visibility of a flashing cursor  
0x13B Cursor_GetSettings Used to retreive the current Cursor settings.  
0x13C void Print_OS( unsigned char*msg, int type  ); Prints a string at the current cursor position 22.05.2012
0x142 Bdisp_AllClr_DD SDK  
0x143 Bdisp_AllClr_VRAM SDK  
0x144 Bdisp_AllClr_DDVRAM SDK  
0x145 Bdisp_GetDisp_VRAM SDK  
0x146 Bdisp_SetPoint_VRAM SDK  
0x147 Bdisp_SetPoint_DD SDK  
0x148 Bdisp_SetPoint_DDVRAM SDK  
0x149 Bdisp_GetPoint_VRAM SDK  
0x14A Bdisp_AreaClr_DD SDK  
0x14B Bdisp_AreaClr_VRAM SDK  
0x14C Bdisp_AreaClr_DDVRAM SDK  
0x14D Bdisp_AreaReverseVRAM SDK  
0x150 void PrintXY( int x, int y, unsigned char*msg, int type )   22.05.2012
0x153 Disp_Save Wrapper for Disp_Manage with act set to 1 (VRAM->RAM loc.)  
0x154 Disp_Restore Wrapper for Disp_Manage with act set to 0 (RAM loc.->VRAM)  
0x155 Disp_GetPtr Wrapper for Disp_Manage with act set to 2 (Return ptr to RAM loc)  
0x156 PopUpWin    
0x158 Disp_Manage Function used to copy data to/from VRAM and other display buffers.  
0x159 System_UpdateOS OS update  
0x15D PrintCR A combination of locate and Print functionality.  
0x15F atoi Returns a string's Long representation.  
0x160 int LongToAsc( int value, unsigned char *dest, int digits ); Returns an ASCII representation, with given ASCII string. 22.05.2012
0x161 int LongToAscHex( int value, unsigned char *dest, int digits ); The same functionality like 0x467 22.05.2012
0x162 void pc_toupper( char* )   23.05.2012
0x163 void pc_tolower( char* )   23.05.2012
0x172 strcmp case-insensitive  
0x173 strcmp branches to syscall 0x172  
0x175 - No SysCall but the start of a datatable  
0x176 DagnosticMode    
0x18A void InvertMem( void*memoryrange, int count ); inverts a memory range 29.09.2012
0x19F StorageMemory_Optimization    
0x1A9 GUI_ProgressBar Displays a progressbar dialog ('One moment please'), and can be used to draw the bar.  
0x1B7..0x1BD Get8x8BitmapPointer Return a bitmap out of the 8x8-font-datatables  
0x20E StorageMemory_GetFilePos retrieves the current position of an opened storage memory file  
0x236 RebootOS 'Reboots' the hardware/OS  
0x23D RTC_TriggerAlarm Triggers the RTC alarm  
0x23E RTC_SetDateTime Set the RTC date and time  
0x241 Keyboard_ClrBuffer clears the keyboardbuffer  
0x242 Bkey_Set_RepeatTime SDK  
0x243 Bkey_Get_RepeatTime SDK  
0x244 Bkey_Set_RepeatTime_Default SDK  
0x245 Keyboard_EnableAutoRepeat    
0x246 Keyboard_DisableAutoRepeat    
0x247 Keyboard_GetKeyWait SDK, broken?  
0x248 Keyboard_PutKeycode Injects a keycode into the key-buffer  
0x249 Keyboard_GetKeyDownTime    
0x24A Keyboard_IsAnyKeyDown returns the matrix code of the actual pressed key  
0x24B Keyboard_IsSpecialKeyDown checks if the matrix code of a special key is pressed (matrix code variant of IsKeyDown)  
0x24C Keyboard_IsSpecialKeyDown SDK, 0x024B with doubled poll-count, accounts for chattering  
0x24D Keyboard_KeyDown directly queries port A  
0x24E Keyboard_SecondaryInterruptHandler    
0x24F Keyboard_PutKeymatrixCode Injects a keymatrixcode into the key-buffer  
0x251 Keyboard_TimerHandler    
0x25E Keyboard_PrimaryInterruptHandler    
0x268 GetFKeyIconPointer    
0x284 BCD_GetNotANumberValue also see NumberFormat  
0x285 Serial_Open_57600 opens the serial channel with 57600 baud  
0x286 BCD_AnsToSerial Transfers the current answer as string to serial interface with 57600 baud  
0x28D Comm_Open opens a communication's channel  
0x28E Comm_Close closes the open communication's channel  
0x28F Comm_WaitForAnyBuffer   02.06.2012
0x290 Comm_ReadOneByte fetches the next available byte from the open communication's receive buffer  
0x291 Comm_TransmitOneByte drops a byte into the open communication's transmit buffer  
0x292 Comm_WaitForAndReadNBytes waits for and fetches N available bytes from the open communication's receive buffer  
0x293 Comm_TransmitNBytes drops N bytes into the open communication's transmit buffer  
0x294 Comm_ClearReceiveBuffer clears the open communication's receive interrupt buffers  
0x295 Comm_ClearTransmitBuffer clears the open communication's transmit interrupt buffers  
0x296 Comm_IsValidPacketAvailable spies for a byte in the receivebuffer, which is a valid packet type  
0x298 Comm_IsOpen queries the open-status of the communication's channel  
0x299 Comm_GetCurrentSelector returns the current selected communication's channel (USB or serial)  
0x2A1 HexToByte    
0x2A2 HexToWord    
0x2A3 ByteToHex Returns hex representation (ascii) of given byte into a char[2].  
0x2A4 WordToHex Returns hex rep. (ascii) of given word into a char[4].  
0x2A5 Comm_Padding_5C    
0x2A6 Comm_ReversePadding_5C    
0x2A7 AscHexToNibble    
0x2A8 NibbleToAscHex Returns hex rep. (ascii) of given nibble into a char. Only used by ByteToAscHex  
0x2A9 strlen string  
0x2AA memcpy string, slow version - should probably use 0xACF  
0x2AB Serial_Open2 opens the serial channel, unsigned short parameter 02.06.2012
0x2AF Comm_Spy0thByte    
0x2DB Comm_ProcessInPacket Retrieve the next packet  
0x2E1 Comm_PrepareAckPacket    
0x2E2 Comm_PrepareErrorPacket    
0x2E3 Comm_PrepareTerminatePacket    
0x2E4 Comm_PrepareRoleswapPacket    
0x2E5 Comm_PrepareCheckPacket    
0x2E6 Comm_PrepareCommandPacket    
0x2E7 Comm_PrepareDataPacket    
0x2EE System_GetOSVersion    
0x35E memset_range    
0x35F another memset    
0x363 MCS_CreateDirectory    
0x364 MCS_WriteItem    
0x366 MCS_DeleteDirectory    
0x367 MCS_DeleteItem    
0x368 MCS_GetState    
0x369 MCS_GetSystemDirectoryInfo    
0x370 MCS_RenameItem (MoveItem)    
0x371 MCS_OverwriteData    
0x372 MCS_GetItemData    
0x373 MCS_RenameDirectory    
0x374 BMCSRenameVariable SDK  
0x375 MCS_SearchDirectory    
0x376 MCS_SearchDirectoryItem    
0x37C MCS_GetFirstDataPointerByDirno    
0x37D MCS_GetDirectoryEntryByNumber    
0x37E MCS_SearchItem    
0x37F MCS_str8cpy    
0x380 MCS_GetDirectoryEntryAddress    
0x381 MCS_GetCurrentBottomAddress    
0x383 MCS_GetCapa    
0x392 MCS_GetMainMemoryStart    
0x3DC Setup_GetInfo( const unsigned char*, int, TSetupInfo* )   06.10.2012
0x3EA - No SysCall but the start of a datatable  
0x3ED Interrupt_SetOrClrStatusFlags    
0x3F4 PowerOff r4=0: Poweroff. r4=1: Display logo and poweroff.  
0x3F5 ClearMainMemory Clears main memory, and reboots,showing 'Main memories cleared'.  
0x3F6 SH7337_TMU_Stop    
0x3F7 SH7337_TMU_int_handler    
0x3FA Hmem_SetMMU SDK  
0x3FE GetStackPtr    
0x3FF MMU_FlushCache uses the 0x80000000-based cached address  
0x404 GetPhysicalROMstart    
0x405 GetPhysicalRAMstart    
0x409 Serial_ResetAndDisable    
0x40A Serial_GetInterruptHandler    
0x40B Serial_SetInterruptHandler    
0x40C Serial_ReadOneByte fetches the next available byte from the serial receive interrupt buffer  
0x40D Serial_ReadNBytes fetches a specified count of bytes from the serial receive interrupt buffer  
0x40E Serial_BufferedTransmitOneByte drops a byte into the serial transmit interrupt buffer  
0x40F Serial_BufferedTransmitNBytes drops N bytes into the serial transmit interrupt buffer  
0x410 Serial_DirectTransmitOneByte drops a byte into the serial transmit FIFO  
0x411 Serial_GetReceivedBytesAvailable returns the count of bytes available in the receive buffer  
0x412 Serial_GetFreeTransmitSpace returns free transmit space  
0x413 Serial_ClearReceiveBuffer clears the serial receive interrupt buffer  
0x414 Serial_ClearTransmitBuffer clears the serial transmit interrupt buffer  
0x418 Serial_Open opens the serial channel  
0x419 Serial_Close closes the serial channel  
0x41B Serial_CallReceiveIntErrorResetHandler    
0x41C Serial_CallReceiveIntHandler    
0x41D Serial_CallTransmitIntErrorResetHandler    
0x41E Serial_CallTransmitIntHandler    
0x420 OS_inner_Sleep    
0x422 Serial_SpyNthByte Spies the Nth byte from the serial receive interrupt buffer, if available  
0x423 Serial_GetStatus OS; get serial status from SCSSR (function changes the original bit order)  
0x425 Serial_IsOpen queries the open-status of the serial channel  
0x429 Bfile_identify_device_OS Tries to detect the device referenced by a FONTCHARACTER-filename.  
0x42C Bfile_OpenFile_OS OS (SDK)  
0x42D Bfile_CloseFile_OS OS (SDK)  
0x42E Bfile_GetMediaFree_OS OS (SDK); incompatible since series GII-2 22.09.2012
0x42F Bfile_GetFileSize_OS OS (SDK)  
0x431 Bfile_SeekFile_OS OS (SDK)  
0x432 Bfile_ReadFile_OS OS (SDK)  
0x434 Bfile_CreateEntry_OS OS (SDK)  
0x435 Bfile_WriteFile_OS OS (SDK)  
0x438 Bfile_RenameEntry OS (SDK)  
0x439 Bfile_DeleteEntry OS (SDK)  
0x43B Bfile_FindFirst SDK  
0x43C Bfile_FindNext SDK  
0x43D Bfile_FindClose SDK  
0x44E memcpy    
0x44F another memcmp int memcmp(const void *s1, const void *s2, size_t n)  
0x450 Bfile_GetFilenameLength    
0x451 Bfile_Name_cmp Compares two FONTCHARACTER(short)-arrays  
0x452 Bfile_Name_cpy Copies two FONTCHARACTER(short)-arrays  
0x453 Bfile_Name_ncpy Copies n characters of two FONTCHARACTER(short)-arrays  
0x456 Bfile_NameToStr_ncpy Copies a FONTCHARACTER(short)-array to a char array  
0x457 Bfile_StrToName_ncpy Copies a char array to a FONTCHARACTER(short)-array  
0x462 GetAppName SDK, Returns the name of the running application.  
0x463 SetAppName Sets the name of the running application.  
0x464 CmpAppName Compare given name with registered name for the application.  
0x465 GetIntPtrContent convert non-4-aligned 4-byte sequences to int  
0x467 LongToAscHex Returns an ASCII hexadecmal representation, with given number of digits.  
0x468 Check for SD-option returns 1, if SD; returns 0, if non-SD (uses bit 0 of port E)  
0x469 Battery_DisplayLowStatus    
0x46B App_BuiltInCount returns the number of built in applications  
0x476 Battery_IsLow    
0x477 EnableGetkeyToMainFunctionReturn    
0x478 DisableGetkeyToMainFunctionReturn    
0x47F SetAutoPowerOffTime in minutes  
0x480 GetAutoPowerOffTime in minutes  
0x486 GetdatatablePtr returns pointers to OS message- and bitmap-datatables  
0x48D SetAutoPowerOffFlag 1=AutoPowerOff  
0x48E GetAutoPowerOffFlag 1=AutoPowerOff  
0x492 Battery_IsLow    
0x494 CallbackAtQuitMainFunction SDK  
0x495 Battery_DisplayLowStatus    
0x499 Heap_SetTopChunk    
0x49A App_Start    
0x49C Battery_GetStatus    
0x49E - Calls 0x236, RebootOS  
0x4A0 AUX_DisplayErrorMessage like 0x954. Reboots if parameter is 23.  
0x4AD USB_InterruptHandler    
0x4AE USB_TimerHandler    
0x4B0 AUX_DisplayFKeyIcons    
0x4CB Keyboard_RemapFKeyCode changes the GetKey-returncode of a set of FKeys  
0x4D1 AUX_DisplayFKeyIcon    
0x4DC Setup_GetEntry Returns the Setup value at a given index.  
0x4DD Setup_SetEntry Sets the Setup value at a given index.  
0x4DE Setup_GetEntryPtr Returns a pointer to Setup data with specific index.  
0x4DF Alpha_GetData Returns the data of a given AlphaMem variable.  
0x4E0 Alpha_SetData Copies the given data to an AlphaMem variable.  
0x4E1 Alpha_ClearAll Clears all AlphaMem variables, except Ans.  
0x4E6 HourGlass    
0x4E9 LocalizeStringID Returns pointer to localized string of given ID.  
0x4F5 int BCD_ToStrAsNumber1    
0x4F6 int BCD_ToStrAsNumber2    
0x500 BCDToInternal    
0x518 Setup_GetEntry_3E as short variable  
0x519 Setup_GetEntry_40 as short variable  
0x51A Setup_SetEntry_3E as short variable  
0x51B Setup_SetEntry_40 as short variable  
0x531 MB_IsLead does byte signal an extended character set?  
0x533 MB_ElementCount number of elements in multibyte string (number of symbols that will be "printed")  
0x534 MB_ByteCount number of bytes in multibyte string (number of bytes that must be copied)  
0x536 MB_strcat concatenate two multibyte strings  
0x537 MB_strncat same, but with size limitation  
0x538 MB_strcpy copy a multibyte string  
0x53C MB_GetSecondElemPtr get pointer to second element in string  
0x53D MB_GetElement returns value (a short), containing first element in string  
0x53E MB_CopyToHeap allocates memory and copies provided string to the heap. NOT used by OS  
0x53F another memcmp    
0x541 itoa Convert provided int (r4) to the provided zero-terminated string (r5). Base 10.  
0x542 to_uppercase Convert 'a'-'z' byte at provided pointer destination, to uppercase.  
0x543 to_lowercase Convert 'A'-'Z' byte at provided pointer destination, to lowercase  
0x544-54 Math_GetConstant several functions to fetch BCD coded constants  
0x5A6 BCD_SetAsInt    
0x5AF-B8 Math_GetConstant several functions to fetch BCD coded constants  
0x645 CalculateExpression   19.05.2012
0x64A CalculateExpression0   19.05.2012
0x652 NextOpcode PRGM related  
0x6A6 IsEndOfLine PRGM related  
0x6C4 Keyboard_PRGM_GetKey PRGM-GetKey (non-blocking and calc-type independent)  
0x6D4 Alpha_GetData2 Returns the data of a given AlphaMem variable and does a range check.  
0x713 Print_ClearLine_OS Clears a line  
0x763 Bdisp_DrawRectangle draws a rectangle  
0x7FC Expressions_OpcodeToStr    
0x804 CLIP_Store stores a buffer to the clipboard  
0x807 locate SDK, OS  
0x808 Print SDK  
0x809 PrintRev SDK  
0x80A PrintC SDK  
0x80B PrintRevC SDK  
0x80C PrintLine SDK  
0x80D PrintRLine SDK  
0x811 Cursor_SetFlashOn Enables cursor-flashing and sets the look/style of the cursor.  
0x812 Cursor_SetFlashOff Turns off the cursor flashing.  
0x813 SaveDisp SDK  
0x814 RestoreDisp SDK  
0x829 MCS_CreateDirectory    
0x82A MCS_PutInternalItem    
0x82B MCSPutVar2 SDK  
0x830 MCSOvwDat2 SDK  
0x832 MCS_OverwriteOpenItem    
0x833 MCS_ClearInternalDirectory    
0x834 MCS_ClearDirectory    
0x835 MCS_DeleteInternalItem    
0x836 MCSDelVar2 SDK  
0x83A MCS_GotoInternalItem    
0x83B MCS_OpenMainMemoryItem    
0x83C MCS_GotoHandleNeighbour    
0x83D MCS_CheckOpenedItem    
0x83E MCS_GetOpenItem    
0x83F MCS_OpenInternalDirectoryItem    
0x840 MCSGetDlen2 SDK  
0x841 MCSGetData1 SDK  
0x843 MCS_MapMCS_Result    
0x844 MCSGetCapa SDK  
0x84D MCS_OpenAlphaMemItem    
0x852 MCS_DirtypeToItemtype    
0x853 MCS_ItemtypeToDirtype    
0x863 MCS_DirtypeToName    
0x866 MCS_MapError    
0x869 Alpha_ClearAllAndAns Clears all AlphaMem variables.  
0x86F MCS_DeleteDirectoryItems    
0x8DB EditExpression    
0x8DC EditValue    
0x8E6 void EditMBStringCtrl( unsigned char*, int xposmax, void*, void*, void*, int, int );
0x8EA void DisplayMBString( unsigned char*, int, int xpos, intx, int y );
0x8EC void EditMBStringChar( unsigned char*, int xposmax, int xpos, int char );    
0x08F7 void DisplayMBString2( int, unsigned char*, int, int xpos, int zero, int x, int y, int, int, int );    
0x8FE void PopupWin( int nlines ) SDK  
0x901 AUX_DisplayMessageBox    
0x905 AUX_DisplayErrorMessage Displays an error message box depending on the int parameter passed.  
0x90B SetShiftAlphaState See Setup  
0x90C GetInsOverwriteState See Setup  
0x90D SetInsOverwriteState See Setup  
0x90E ClrShiftAlphaState See Setup  
0x90F GetKey SDK  
0x910 PutKey Puts a GetKey-keycode into keybuffer  
0x91B GetShiftAlphaState See Setup  
0x924 TestMode Enters the "TEST MODE" program, also avail via keypresses.  
0x954 AUX_DisplayErrorMessage Displays an error message box depending on the int parameter passed.  
0x985 App_CONICS Entrypoint of the CONICS-app  
0x998 App_DYNA Entrypoint of the DYNA-app  
0x9AD PrintXY SDK  
0x9DF App_EACT Entrypoint of the EACT-app  
0x9E1 App_Equation Executes "Equation" (EQUA) built-in program.  
0x9E2 App_EQUA Entrypoint of the EQUA-app, Calls 0x9E1, App_Equation  
0x9F5 App_Program Executes "Program List" (PRGM) built-in program.  
0xA00 App_FINANCE Entrypoint of the FINANCE-app  
0xA1F Keyboard_RemapFKeyCode changes the GetKey-returncode of a set of FKeys; uses 0x4CB  
0xA35 AUX_DisplayMessage Displays a four line message box depending on the int parameters passed.  
0xA48 App_GRAPH_TABLE Entrypoint of the GRAPH- and TABLE-apps  
0xA4A App_LINK Entrypoint of the LINK-app  
0xA6A App_Optimization Execute MEMORY's "F5:Optimization" dialog.  
0xA6B App_Memory Execute the "Memory Manager" (MEMORY) built-in program.  
0xA75 App_RECUR Entrypoint of the RECUR-app  
0xA97 App_RUN_MAT_EXE Entrypoint, when RUN MAT-app starts analyzing an expression  
0xAAE App_RUN_MAT Entrypoint of the RUN MAT-app  
0xAC6 App_STAT Entrypoint of the STAT-app  
0xAC8 App_SYSTEM Entrypoint of the SYSTEM-app  
0xACC free SDK, stdlib  
0xACD malloc SDK, stdlib  
0xACE memcmp string  
0xACF memcpy smart memcpy; uses mov.b, mov.w or mov.l depending on parameter alignment  
0xAD0 memset string  
0xAD4 strcat string  
0xAD5 strcmp smart strcmp; uses mov.b or mov.l depending on parameter alignment  
0xAD6 strlen string  
0xAD7 strncat string  
0xAD8 strncmp string  
0xAD9 strncpy string  
0xADA strrchr string  
0xAE8 Catalog-dialog returns opcode  
0xC4F PrintMiniSd SDK  
0xCA7 char OpcodeType( char* );   28.05.2012
0xCB0 Send(/Send38k PRGM related 27.05.2012
0xCB1 Receive(/Receive38k PRGM related 27.05.2012
0xCB2 Open/CloseComPort38k PRGM related 27.05.2012
0xCC4 Number Input Dialog    
0xCC5 String Input Dialog   24.05.2012
0xCCB int GetRAMSize( void ) returns 0x40000 or 0x80000 01.06.2012
0xCD0 another diagnostic dialog    
0xD64 int InputDateDialog( int*, int*, int*, int* )   17.05.2012
0xD65 int InputMonthDialog( int*, int* )   17.05.2012
0xD66 int InputDayDialog( int*, int* )   17.05.2012
0xD67 int InputYearDialog( int*, int* )   17.05.2012
0xDAB StoreExpressionToGraphFuncMemory    
0xE6B calloc SDK, stdlib  
0xE6C memmove dsc  
0xE6D realloc SDK, stdlib  
0xE6E strchr    
0xE6F strstr    
0x000 Name dsc  



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