SuperH-based fx calculators
fx-CG: eactivityformat

Generally the information in fx legacy: eactivityformat applies to the fxCG-EACT, too.

Recognized differences:
1. two bytes in the StandardHeader at offset 0x1C are not constant. Possibly some controlbytes; not heeded for by fxCG OS 1.04
2. the size of the setup-directory;
3. the termination of the LineDescriptor array;
4. of course there may be additional EntryTypes.

EACT (only the differeces to fx legacy: eactivityformat):

Offset (b) Size (b) Description
0x34 0x2C (LSDIR) setup-directory
0x58+LS+4*LC 4 length2 (filesize - 0x54 - LS)


(05.10.2012 11:41:09)