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fx-9xx0GII USB Power Graphic 2

Since 2011 a new GII type ("USB Power Graphic 2"; fx-9860GII as well as fx-9750GII) with different hardware has been released without any detectable manufacturer's announcement.

It has been reported, that the flash chip is of a different manufacturer (spansion -> macronix), sometimes.

The processor version register 0xFF000030 returns 0x10300B00.
The product version register 0xFF000044 returns 0x00002C00.
These values are the same as with the Prizm's processor.

Hence, the processor is a SH-4A, most probably the same as used with the Prizm.

The GII-2 types come with OS 2.02, which is incompatible compared with the GII-2-predecessor OSes.

It turned out, that the fx-9xx0GII OS 2.01 is very similar to OS 2.02. Possibly this allows to build a more reliable 7337/7305-port-map and to identify certain syscalls.



(07.01.2012 12:21:42)