SuperH-based fx calculators
fx legacy appname

0x462: char *GetAppName(char *dest);
Copies the registered name for the running application into the character array dest. dest must be able to hold 9 bytes. dest is returned.


0x463: int SetAppName(char *src);
Copies the character array pointed to by src into the location for application name. 9 bytes from dest will be copied, 0 is returned.


0x464: int CmpAppName(char *name);
Compares given string pointed to by name, and the registered application name, returning 1 if similar, or 0 if different.


About the AppName

  AppName loc.
1.03 0x88006990
1.04 0x88006994

The AppName of an addin can be found at offset 0x20 in the file, preceded by an '@'-character, and spans 8 characters, excluding '@'. It is used as the default directory name when using MCS data.

AppNames used by calc applications are "@RUNMAT", "@STAT", "@EACT", "@SSHEET", "@GRAPH", "@DYNA", "@TABLE", "@RECUR", "@CONICS", "@EQUA", "@PROG", "@FINANCE", "@LINK", "@MEMORY" and "@SYSTEM".


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