SuperH-based fx calculators
fx legacy: Math

There are some functions which return some BCD coded constants (could be used directly as input for 0x08E0).
The interface is a pointer to a 12 byte buffer.
unsigned char*Math_GetConstant( unsigned char*buffer );
they return a standard BCD-coded value in the first 9 bytes. The last three bytes are insignificant.
0x0544: 0;
0x0545: 1;
0x0546: 2;
0x0547: 10;
0x0548: 1/3 (not BCD coded, special FX format)
0x0549: 0.5;
0x054A: 32767;
0x054B: -32768;
0x054C: 65536;
0x054D: 0x7FFFFFFF;
0x054E: -2Giga;
0x054F: 4Giga;
0x0550: pi;
0x0551: 2*pi;
0x0552: pi/2;
0x0553: e;
0x0554: 5;

0x05AF: pi/4;
0x05B0: ln 10;
0x05B1: ln 2;
0x05B2: 9.99E99;
0x05B3: -9.99E99;
0x05B4: 9.99999999999999E99;
0x05B5: 227.85;
0x05B6: SQRT(2);
0x05B7: SQRT(2)/2;
0x05B8: 506.6282746310;

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