SuperH-based fx calculators
fx legacy: GlibGetOSVersionInfo

0x015: int GlibGetOSVersionInfo(char *a, char *b, short int *c, short int *d);
Sets the variables a, b, c and d to the version of the OS.
Returns 1.

  a b c d
1.02 1 2 0 0
1.03 1 3 0 0

With the first release of OS 2.00 this call calculates c.
With *(char*)0xA0000303==0x45, c gives 0x1000 (FX9860G AU),
else with *(char*)0xA0000305==0x55, c gives 0x2000 (possibly FX9860GII, not validated yet)
else c gives 0x0300.

With OS 2.00 (slim) c yields 0x0100.

If it is neccessary to make OS-dependend decisions, the string at 0x80010020 could be more appropriate.

(19.03.2011 12:22:49)