SuperH-based fx calculators

pCGSDK.exe is a GUI to define project settings and general SDK parameters and to build a G1A/G3A.
Have a look at Getting started before you go ahead.
A typical development cycle would be:
-edit and save a source using an editor (f. i. NOTEPAD++)
-hit F9 of pCGSDK
-if no error has been reported, transfer the G1A/G3A to the calculator

In some situations it is necessary to change the project's or some general properties.
Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of available options. Most of them have to be left as they are.
During the standard development cycle, the property sheets need not to be changed at all.
The only function needed of the GUI will be F9 in this case.
If you have to add a separate module to the project you will need the tab "Project compile". An assembler module can be added as well as a C++-module. Assemblerfiles are identified by and extension SRC or ASM.
If you want to add a header file as dependency to the project you will need the tab "Project compile".
Sometimes it will be necessary to add a syscall to the corresponding library. Then you will need the tab "Syscall-library".
Sometimes it will be necessary to add a C/C++- or an assembler function to the tools library. Then you will need the tab "Tools-library". A source file with the extension SRC or ASM will be treated as assembler file.
If you want to define different filenames for the main menu icon bitmap files, use the tab "Project misc".
The tab "General settings" can be used to change the SDKs base directory.
other pCGSDK property sheets, which under normal circumstances are not subject to changes are:
Tab "Project link"
Tab "ASM/C-options"
Tab "Linker-options"

pCGSDK.exe remembers window- and splitter-settings, as well as the last opened project in pCGSDK.ini.

When saving an option set (<project>.ini and the BaseOptions.ini), the program maintains some save backups. Use General settings to change the value of MAXBACKUP, which controls the count of backups (default 7). This option can be switched off with MAXBACKUP<=0, which is not recommended.

Since version 1.06 there exitsts a menu-option Options/Convert Bitmaps. This is a prototype! It converts every 256-color-bitmap in the selected directory  into a source-piece to be included in some C-program.

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