SuperH-based fx calculators
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Property sheet "Tool definitions"

The key "LIBRARY" should not be changed!

A tool definition consists of a number in the column labeled "key" and a interface/header definition in the column labeled "value". An interface/header definition consists of the interface and the headerfilename, separated by a semicolon (;). The value of the number in column "key"  itself is not important. But it must be unique and it must be recognizable as number (hex is allowed).

The headerfilename may be symbolized, because it can occur in a lot of tool definitions.

F. i.
MISC_H = MISC_tools.h;header

The builder extracts the module's name from the interface. The sourcefile must be supplied in directory  "..\LIB\source". The SDK compiles it giving an object, adds the object to the library and updates the corresponding headerfile.

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