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fx legacy: RAM


Amic LP62S16256F-T Series (512kB) 256K X 16 BIT LOW VOLTAGE CMOS SRAM (datasheet^)
FX-9860G363-74: Amic LP62S16128BV-70LLTF (256kB) 256K X 16 BIT LOW VOLTAGE CMOS SRAM (datasheet^)
GII-models(9860, 9750, 7400): 512kB RAM below a resin patch.

The RAM is accessed at 0x88000000.


Locations (map)

1.03 Type Description
0x880000FC char[0x7C0] USB EP1 receive buffer
0x880008FC void* pointer to USB EP1 receive buffer start(=0x880000FC)
0x88000900 void* pointer to USB EP1 receive buffer current bottom (next out)
0x88000904 void* pointer to USB EP1 receive buffer current top (next in)
0x8800090C void* pointer to USB EP1 receive buffer size (=0x000007C0)
0x88000914 char[0x800] USB EP2 transmit buffer
0x88001154 void* pointer to USB EP2 transmit buffer start(=0x88000914)
0x88001158 void* pointer to USB EP2 transmit buffer current bottom (next out)
0x8800115C void* pointer to USB EP2 transmit buffer current top (next in)
0x88001164 void* pointer to USB EP2 transmit buffer size (=0x00000800)
0x88002000 void* pointer to the currently selected language table
0x88002004 int index of the currently selected language (0=English)
0x88002014 void* pointer to the FKey icon table (=syscall-table entry 0x3EA)
0x88002068 void* MCS RAM start
0x88002074 char[100] Setup
0x880020D8 char[696] AlphaMem
0x88002390 char cable select. 0:USB 1:serial
0x88002394 long AutoPowerOffTime in 0.5 s units
0x8800239C char[8] The name a user specifies in System Manager
0x880027B4 void*[16] Optimization phase handler-pointer array (moved to flash with OS 2.00)
0x88004650 long Timer-running flag; 0x5AA5A55A, when running; 0xA55A5AA5, if not
0x88004654 <int,void*,int,int>[10] Timer-slots
0x8800497C char Cursor column
0x8800497D char Cursor row
0x8800497E 'word' Cursor flash style
0x88004980 char Cursor flash mode
0x8800498D char[1k] VRAM address
0x88004D8D char[1k]*5 Screen buffers, accessed by SaveDisp and RestoreDisp
0x88006198 'long' RepeatTime (firstdelay)
0x8800619C 'long' RepeatTime (repeatdelay)
0x880061BC char[16] KEYBUFFER1, 1.03, 1.04
0x880061CC char[16] KEYBUFFER2, 1.03, 1.04
0x880061DC unsigned shortint[16] KEYBUFFER used by PutKeycode to inject GeyKey-keycodes, 1.03, 1.04
0x880061FC uint KEYBUFFER_COUNT, 1.03, 1.04
0x88006200 uint KEYBUFFER_TOP, 1.03, 1.04
0x88006204 uint KEYBUFFER_BOTTOM, 1.03, 1.04
0x880062D4 uint INTERRUPT_STATUSFLAGS, 1.02, 1.03
0x880063D9 char Serial_TransmitBufferTop, 1.03
0x880063DB char Serial_TransmitBufferBottom, 1.03
0x880067DC unsigned shortint Serial_ReceiveBufferTop, 1.03
0x880067DE unsigned shortint Serial_ReceiveBufferBottom, 1.03
0x880067E0 char Serial_OpenFlag, 1.03 (0=closed)
0x880067EC void* pointer to Serial_TransmitInterruptHandler, 1.03
0x880067F0 void* pointer to Serial_ReceiveInterruptHandler, 1.03
0x880067F4 void* pointer to Serial_ReceiveErrorInterruptResetHandler, 1.03
0x880067F8 void* pointer to Serial_TransmitErrorInterruptResetHandler, 1.03
0x88006818 void* soft-vbr, redirection of exceptions and interrupts, 1.03
0x8800681C char DD_ContrastIndex, 1.03
0x88006968 char CallbackAtQuitMainFunction: Selects place to store callback. "X"
0x88006969 char If set, GetKey wont let you return to the main menu. May have other functions too
0x8800698C void* current heap top address
0x88006990 char[9] AppName, name of running application. Accessed by the AppName functions.
0x88006D9C <char[8],void*>[100] Array of installed add-in Apps. Name and pointer to location inside storage mem
0x8800724C void* The callback location if X=0
0x88007250 void* The callback location if X!=0
0x88008BEC char[8] MCS DirectoryHandle
0x88008BFC char[8] MCS ItemHandle
0x88008C04 char MCS Status
0x88008C0C int MCS Result
0x88008C10 char MCS Type
0x88020000 char[16k] stack
0x88024000 char[48k] heap
0x88030000 char[64k] main memory RAM/OS update program buffer
0x88030000 void* current main memory RAM bottom
0x88030004 void* main memory RAM directory
0x88030008 void* main memory RAM top
0x8803000C void* main memory RAM top
0x88030100 char[0x10][147] main memory Directory


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