SuperH-based fx calculators
fx-CG, miniSDK, source-files

The mini-SDK supports several types of sources.

Full Setup/Project-compile/Source-Files:
apart from the project's main source file (f. i. INSIGHT.CPP) any other CPP- or SRC-file can be assigned to a project. Add a new line to the Source-Files-List. The corresponding header-files have to be provided manually. This option allows to publish more than one function per module. Do not forget to save the setup after changing anything.

Full Setup/Syscall-library:
covered elsewhere.

Full Setup/Tools-library:
similar to the syscalls-library. Every function is embedded in a separate link-modul. That enables the linker to avoid fetching unused modules from the tools library. The name of the module is derived from the function name. The source has to be edited manually and stored in directory ..\LIB\source. The extensions CPP and SRC are allowed. CPP-files will be processed by the C++-compiler. SRC-files will be processed by the assembler. The idea of the tools-library is to gather standard functions, which are likely to be useful in any project, like the syscalls. The corresponding header files are maintained automatically in directory ..\header. The modules may contain more than one function, but only the function with the same name as the module is automatically published. Do not forget to save the setup after changing anything.

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