SuperH-based fx calculators
fx-CG, miniSDK, adding syscalls

Select File/Full Setup

Select the Tab syscall-library

Position the cursor to the syscall where you want to insert a new syscall.


Enter the syscall number in hex in column "Key" (f. i. 1E6A).

Enter the syscall definition in column "Value".
The syscall definition consists of the interface, f. i. in case of 1E6A DisplayMainMenu( void ).

Then enter a a semicolon.

The next item following the semicolon defines the headerfile, where the interface has to be stored. Ususally this is an alias, f. i. $(SYSTEM_SC). See at the begin of the syscall-library list to find the actual header-file names.

The third item following the second semicolon repesents the syscalls timestamp. Leave it empty, if you insert a new syscall. The system uses the timestamp to decide, if a rebuild of the syscall is necessary.

Finally hit the SAVE-button.

The next build with F9 should  include the previously added syscall in the library.

Every syscall is embedded in a separate link-modul. That enables the linker to avoid fetching unnecessary code from the syscall library. The source-files of the syscall-modules are generated automatically based on the file SYSCALL_TEMPLATE.src in directory TEMPLATES. The source-files are stored in directory LIB\temp. The corresponding header files are maintained automatically in directory header.

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