SuperH-based fx calculators
fx-9860GII-2 (USB POWER GRAPHIC 2), miniSDK

This is a construction site. The fxCG miniSDK is not yet able to build G1As.

The legacy fx-9860 SDK is sufficient to develop programs for the fx-9860GII-2 series. Single exceptions are the functions IsKeyDown and IsKeyUp. These procedures are not based on syscalls, but access the keyboard ports directly, which is not compatible with the MPU 7305 any more.

The fxCG miniSDK has been designed to gain maxiumum control and flexibility over the compilation process. Additionally, the fxCG miniSDK avoids some inconveniences of the legacy fx-9860 SDK. It has some advantages to adapt the miniSDK instead of using the legacy SDK, if some non-standard programming tasks have to be carried out.


(18.05.2012 08:36:41)