SuperH-based fx calculators  
fx legacy: Hardware Aspects

Calculator-type specific or other hardware aspects

Also see customized MPU.

Slim and standard use different keyboard matrixcode-mappings.

The fx-9750GII is a fx-9860GII without backlight and with a smaller LCD (visible diagonal 70mm).
The fx-7400GII is a fx-9860GII without backlight, without USB-port, with a smaller LCD (visible diagonal 65mm) and a smaller flash-capacity (2MB).

To distinguish between slim and standard, use bit 3 of port E.

#define PORT_E_DR 0xA4000128
char IsSlim(){return !( *(char*)PORT_E_DR & 0x08 );

To detect the emulator, use the calculators fingerprint at 0x8000FFD0.

int IsEmulator(){return !( *(int*)0x8000FFD0 );


0x0176: void DiagnosticMode();
When calling this syscall, the keys OPTN, EXP and AC/on must be pressed simultaneously.
As well the calculator can be switched on with this three keys, because the fx-9860 calls 0x176 on startup.
Or the contact P103 can be closed.
0x0468: int CheckForSD_Option();
Returns 1 if a SD-slot is present.
Returns 0 if not.
0x0924: void TestMode();

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