SuperH-based fx calculators
fx legacy: Flash


FX-9860G 363-74: Spansion S29JL032H-70-T-F-I-02 (datasheet^)
The same flash-chip is installed on the slim, the fx-9860GII and the fx-9750GII.
FX-7400GII: Spansion S29AL016J-70-T-F-I-02 (2 MB)

Flash-memory is accessed between 0x80000000 and 0x803FFFFF.


Locations (map)

1.03 Type Description
0x80000334 char[4] "CDHD"-type signature, see below
0x80006551 char[0x400] bitmap displayed, when the calcs waits for an emergency OS update
0x80006951 char[0x400] bitmap displayed, when the calcs does an emergency OS update
0x80006FE0 char[0x400] a second power off bitmap; obviously unused
0x8000FFB0 char[14] bootcode timestamp; YYYY.MMDD.HHMI
0x8000FFD0 char[8] seems to be distinct on every single calc; maybe a kind of serial number; contains zeros on the SDK emulator
0x8000FFFC int base ROM checksum (0x80000000-0x800002FF;0x80000340-0x8000FFBF or 0x80000000-0x8000FFBF with bootcode-timestamp below 2005.0623.1652)
0x8015826C char[0x400] bitmap displayed, when the calc does a power off
0x80200000 char[0x000130] some code for manipulating flash memory, similar to the flash-syscalls code
0x80200130 char[0x02FED0] non-English language data
0x80230000 char[0x030000] main memory backup area
0x80260000 char[0x010000] nearly empty; in the last few bytes it holds the available languages directory
0x80270000 char[0x320] storage memory sector-directory
0x80270320 char[0xFCE0] storage memory file-directory
0x80280000 char[0x180000] storage memory file-data

The four chars at 0x80000334 are 0xFFFFFFFF on most machines.
On some they are "CDHD". Obviously "CDHD" signals the absence of the backup battery on a standard FX9860.
They influence the applied battery voltage warning level
and the applied contrast value table.


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