SuperH-based fx calculators
fx legacy: Alpha Memory

The Alpha memory is the locations used to store variables. Known variables are A-Z, and r, θ and Ans.

System calls

0x4DF: char *Alpha_GetData(char variablecode, char *datadest);
Writes the data corresponding to the variablecode to the array pointed to by datadest. The array must be able to hold 24 bytes. The first 9 bytes contain the number in the internal NumberFormat. If the variable is not set, the 24 byte array will be filled with all 0's.
The pointer, datadest, is returned.
0x4E0: char *Alpha_SetData(char variablecode, char *datasrc);
Copies the data at datasrc into the variable indicated by variablecode. If the variablecode is not a valid variable code, the code is returned. 0 is returned on success (it seems).
0x4E1: void Alpha_ClearAll();
Clears all variables, except Ans.
0x6D4: int Alpha_GetData2(char variablecode, char *datadest);
Fetches alpha data with 0x4DF and checks for range violation according to Setup entry 0x17.
Return 0 on error, else returns 1.
0x869: void Alpha_ClearAllAndAns();
Clears all variables.
To manipulate or use the data, see the functions available in NumberFormat.


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