SuperH-based fx calculators
fx-CG, memory map

Flash 32 MB
Flash: 0xA0000000..0xA1FFFFFF (0x80000000..0x81FFFFFF: physically identical, but cacheable)

0xA8000000..0xA81FFFFF (0x88000000..0x881FFFFF: physically identical, but cacheable)
0xA8000000..0xA80287FF: VRAM

0xA80D35D0 : start of main memory
0xA80E3000 : end of main memory

0xA80F0000..0xA815FFFF: system stack (512 kB).
0xA8160000..0xA81DFFFF: add-in RAM area. It is shared by add-in static RAM and add-in stack. The add-in static RAM starts at 0x88160000 (virtualized to 0x08100000). The add-in stack starts at 0x881E0000 and grows downwards (towards the static RAM).
When an add-in is loaded, the complete add-in RAM is virtualized in 8x64kB-chunks (0x88160000->0x08100000..0x881D0000->0x08170000), possibly allowing much more static RAM as with the legacy systems. Of course, you have to take care for the limits. Otherwise the system will do, crashing.

0xA81E0000..0xA81FFFFF: heap.

0xAB800000..0xABD0FFFF: MCS backup area

Link cable type: 0xFD8013E0, byte (1: 3pin; 0: USB).

According to cfxm (
BIOS checksum at 0xA001FFFC:
0xA0000000..0xA00002FF + 0xA0000340..0xA001FFBF
OS checksum at 0xA0B5FFF8:
0xA0020000..0xA0B5FEAF + 0xA0B5FEF0..0xA0B5FFF7
In case of an OS mod, the checksums have to be adjusted. Otherwise the OS won't come up.


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