SuperH-based fx calculators
fx-CG20, FAT

The fx-CG20 uses a FAT16.

The directory is very similar to the PC DOS directory structure.
The directory does not reside at a fixed position.

A directory entry consists of 32 bytes:

Bytes 0-7

Bytes 8-10
Filename extension

Byte 11
File's attribute

0x10: directory
0x0F: unknown
0x20: file (archive bit; set on whenever a file has been written to and closed)

Bytes 12-21
Unknown, yet.

Bytes 22-23
Formerly the file time

Bytes 24-25
Formerly the file date.

Bytes 26-27
The starting cluster number (little endian)

Bytes 28-31
File size (little endian)

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