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Audio stream pipelines and processing.

Streams are represented as sequences of buffers, each of which contains zero or more samples. Data is produced from Sources on demand and fed into a chain of zero or more Sinks until it reaches the end of the pipeline. The pipeline always operates in a "pull" mode, where Sources yield buffers only as fast as requested by a Sink.


Valid sample formats are bounded by the Sample trait. In general a sample will be a primitive numeric value, though this need not be true. Sample values must always be copyable and sendable between threads, and most non-trivial stream transformations require that a number of arithmatic operations be available.


In all formats, the nominal range is between -1 and 1, inclusive. In integer formats, the logical interpretation is as a fixed-point value with the radix point left-aligned. For example, a i8 Sample is best considered as a number in range -128/128 through 127/128 by steps of 1/128.

A format is considered soft-clipped if it is capable of representing values outside the nominal range. Notably, this applies to floating-point formats where numbers outside the nominal range can be represented (but perhaps with some loss of precision). The converse of a hard-clipped format is soft-clipped.

Source taxonomy

From least general to most, there are three classes of sources, each of which yield different "flavors" of output. * MonoSources simply provide a stream of samples of a statically-known format. This stream is strictly linear and can only mark end-of-stream. * Source is the general static element, providing blocks of a statically-known sample format. It may pass an arbitrary number of channels at a time and specifies the stream's sample rate. * A DynamicSource has no properties known at compile-time. Sample format and rate are specified on a per-buffer basis, requiring reinterpretation of the data before use.

A less-general source can always be adapted into a more-general source. A MonoAdapter converts MonoSource to Source, and DynAdapter converts Source to DynamicSource.



libao sink


Signal synthesizers.


Ogg vorbis decoder.



Adjust the amplitude of the input stream by a constant factor.


Make a copy of a specified channel.


Adapts a normal Source into a DynamicSource.


The result of pulling from a DynamicSource.


Generalizes a MonoSource into Source.


A source of uncontrolled samples.



Output from Source pull.



A Source with format known only at runtime.


A Source that only generates one channel at an indeterminate sample rate.


Type bound for sample formats.


A thing.


A source of samples with defined sample rate.